Alex Zawodniak


Production Support


I am interested in International Law and Trade studies. I enjoy studying Linguistics, World History, Philosophy, Digital marketing and technology, as well as computer software.

Professional Experiences

Software Tester/ Junior Support Analyst

Tsunami Tsolutions

Since September 2014
United States

Software Testing and Production Support services for the development of applications used by commercial & military aircraft.

Web Developer

A.I. Friedman

From April 2013 Till September 2014
United States

E-commerce maintenance of various art & computer affiliated products. Seo/ Stock keeping unit (sku) optimization of art & computer graphics supplies. Product Photo editing & website maintenance.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Web Master

University of Connecticut

From August 2011 Till April 2013
Storrs - United States

University of Connecticut – College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Web Master . (August 2011 - April 2013)

Strategic Marketing Internship

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

From January Till April 2011
Old Lyme - United States
Overview of the Audio market (Microphones, Headsets, Speakers). Data anaylsis of clients and competitors.

Educational Background

BA Degree Economics + Political Science (Minor)

University of Connecticut

May 2013
Storrs - United States

•  Named to the Dean's List for Academic Achievement for the semesters:

   -   Fall 2009

   -   Fall 2012

•  Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society Inductee 2010


Administrative Support

Excellent management support and writing skills.

Computer Skills

•    Experienced with Macintosh, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems

•    Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, etc.)

•    Experienced with html, css, xhtml, php, javascript web design languages.

•    Digital video, audio, and photo editing. Knowledge of software such as
Sony Vegas, Final Cut, and Pro-Tools Editing software

•    Intermediate Knowledge of Microsoft DOS and Unix Commands.

•    Excellent in Data Archiving and retrieving if lost. Database Management experience, familiar with SQL.

Communication Skills

•    Public Speaking Skills

•    Proficient in preparing and presenting reports on various topics.





Estimated Level C-1 on Common European Framework Rubric.



Conversational level of Standard Castilian (Spain) Dialect, however comprehension of all Latin American Dialects both written and spoken.



Conversant Speaking and intermediate Writing Skills for Modern Standard & Classical Arabic. Foundational Knowledge of three major Dialects (Masri Egypt, Shami Jordan-Lebanon-Syria, Hejazi Saudi).

Personal Interests

International law

Interests include: International treaties, International Trade, International Criminal Court.

Information technology

Computers, networking, and digital marketing. Particularly interested in Long term Data storage and recovery methods.


Ancient Greek Traditions (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle), Immanuel Kant, Political Traditions (Hobbes, John Locke), and Modern Relativism.

Music Composition

I have always had a strong interest in Music composition. Activities include Home recording and mixing. I play drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. I enjoy music all the way from the renaissance to the modern era, and even Gregorian Chants.

Ancient History

Pre-Christian Western and Near Eastern traditions including the evolution of writing scripts such as Sumerian Cuneiform, Egyptian Hierogylphs, Proto-Sinaitic, and the Phoenician alphabet. Interested in early Aramaic and Hellenistic Greek history and culture.

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